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I offer routine pet sitting services, consisting of all standard pet care tasks. I also offer overnights in your home as well for those pets who may need the additional comfort of someone in home during the night. 

Standard Pet Sitting Visits
       With a standard pet sit, I provide up to 1/2 hour visitation and care for your pet(s), ~Longer visits add additional fees. See my comments below for further information~ Standard visits consist of all aspects of routine pet care( feeding, watering, walking and/or playtime) and also include basic home security tasks as well. Items included are mail/ newspaper retrieval, lights on and off ,TV/radio on and off, indoor plant care, and some light outdoor (small) garden care, if needed. ( More involved gardening tasks add on extra fees.) Standard Rate ( Up to two dogs=$17/visit) ( Up to 2 cats=$15/visit) (Additional pet(s) :Rate varies with frequency of visitations, amount of extra pets, and work involved. I try to do my best to keep costs for my clients as low as I can, while not compromising my quality and time.) Call me to discuss your specific needs.

Overnight Stays-  Overnight stays are $45/night, which is from the time of 9pm to 9 am, if I do not have other sits needing those times. If so, its moved to 10 pm in the evening, and 7 am in the morning. I REQUIRE a midday visit as well, which is $15 extra. I recommend a dinner visit, as well,but do not require it unless the pet is ill, recovering, or elderly, or there are other circumstances that make a dinner visit necessary. The only things that would change this is if the dog(s) had a doggie door to go in and out of, as well as a fenced in yard. Call for more information.


Special needs of pets - please call to discuss ahead of time, if your pet has extra needs outside of routine care. I provide medicine administration via oral medication or injection, I can care for diabetics, animals recovering from surgery, illnesses, etc. I can also give subcutaneous fluids. Some of these items may need permission for me through your veterinarian. Fee schedule currently being worked out.